Enel Hackathon on smart working

Enel, a leading company in the marketing of energy services, has organized a Hackathon to develop projects that rethink the practice of smart working, so as to generate welcoming, inclusive and innovative hybrid work environments. RUFA students, as well as new graduates, can also participate in the project, thus making use of the notions learned during their training.

The digital Hackathon, entitled “Design for new meetings of ideas”, will be held from November 30th to December 4th, with 50 participants (30 external candidates and 20 people from Enel) divided into mixed and multidisciplinary teams, supported by a team of mentors, tutors, design and innovation experts. Each team will be followed in the conception and development of an original project to be presented with physical and/or digital prototype. The first three classified groups will win a prize of 5 thousand, 3 thousand and 2 thousand euros respectively. Participation is free and open to students of any discipline (design, humanistic-social, scientific-technical).

The focus of the experience is on the potential of working remotely, understood as a way to protect itself and others, without losing all those casual socializing opportunities – coffee breaks, chatting in the hallway – that are part of everyday life and lead to the birth of new ideas, through spontaneous interactions and new relationships that go beyond one’s closest network. The Hackathon aims to identify ways to recreate those “happy occasions” that can open unexpected perspectives, giving rise to the so-called “serendipity”.

For more information and to register visit the Open Innovability platform. Applications will remain open until November 16th 2020.

To RUFA students who will be selected to participate in the Hackathon will be recognized by the Academy to 2 training credits. In case of selection RUFA students must communicate it to the teaching secretariat.