“Design for Sustainable cities” competition

“Design for Sustainable Cities” is an international competition aimed at students and organized by BE OPEN and Cumulus, an international association that includes the best art and design institutions in the world and of which RUFA is a Full Member.

The aim of the “Design for Sustainable Cities” competition is to recognize, display and promote the best design ideas and projects that embody and promote the principles and objectives of sustainable development of the United Nations (in particular the SDG11): sustainable cities and communities to cope with the consequences of the rapid urbanization of cities.

RUFA, like BE OPEN and Cumulus, believes that creativity is essential for a sustainable existence. The competition aims to encourage young students of art, design, architecture and media to create innovative solutions for more sustainable cities and includes different categories: Co-created cities, sharing cities, Safe and sound cities.

Each project must reflect the following Key words: co-created, co-design, value co-creation, collective impact, interactive, bridged services and facilities, user-centered design, service design. The deadline for submitting proposals is the 31st of January 20210.

To compete for the various prizes of the competition it is possible to participate individually or in groups. The winners will be acclaimed during the conference for the thirtieth anniversary of the Cumulus International Association in Rome. For more information visit Design for Sustainable Cities website.