Fabio Mongelli President of Cians at the Permanent Table of the Ministry of University and Research

Director RUFA, arch. Fabio Mongelli, in his dual role as president of Cians (Coordination of Afam non-state institutions), has been invited to participate in the Permanent Table of the Ministry of University and Research convened by Minister Gianfranco Manfredi to promote the connection with institutions in the field of higher artistic and musical education, as highlighted by DM 851/2020. The settlement meeting, in remote mode, was scheduled for Wednesday, 25 November at 11:00 am.

“The participation in this important advisory body – explains the President Fabio Mongelli himself – confirms all the openings that Minister Gianfranco Manfredi has addressed to the private sector of Afam in recent months. The path taken by the non-state institutions of Afam, has always been directed to the provision of high quality teaching that declines in equal measure theory and practice and that, for this reason, makes the study of art in Italy attractive also from abroad. It is a vocation that must be strengthened and enhanced: an objective that can be achieved only with the support of the governing bodies that interact in this process. In this first phase, also because of the historical moment focused on a health emergency that has certainly conditioned the learning of art, I will focus on two aspects that I believe are fundamental: on the one hand, the best practices put in place since last March with a decidedly high approval rate by students, which have allowed the private sector of Afam to provide the totality of the scheduled courses; on the other hand, the development of distance learning and workshop activities in presence. These are points that allow public and private realities to confront and talk, in the awareness of making the Afam sector even more performing”.