Film Arts


RUFA School of Cinema, when a thesis embraces the world

Satisfying an immeasurable need for freedom, reconciling it with the desire to put oneself to test, so as to better understand one’s own value and strength. These are the elements of a new and exciting challenge that involves an indissoluble interaction between love for the sea and the realization of a different and innovative thesis.

Three students of RUFA School of Cinema, followed by the lecturers Bruno D’Annunzio, Christian Angeli and Livia Barbieri, are ready to face the world, documenting, as the subject of their thesis, the experiences they will live in a journey around the globe as crew of a sailing boat. A RUFA – visceral experience, without compromise, to structure an essential truth that escapes the concept of “hearsay”. Andrea Guarnieri, Tommaso Zandri and Arianna Sciancalepore have organized everything in detail, dedicating themselves both to the study of the routes and to the shooting and editing techniques to be used on the boat to give back the narration of a unique experience.

The cinema, after all, has always dealt with the theme of travel. From the iconic “Sideways” to Italian films such as “Puerto Escondido” or the “Commissario Montalbano”, the locations imprinted on the film have become tourist attractions, forever changing the destiny of an area, a city or a square. In this case the boundaries will be annihilated. In front of the eyes of these young directors, the infinite will open up, the unexpected will open wide, reflection will alternate as well as adventure.

Monday 30 November is the day of departure: calm seas and fair winds!