RUFA Contest, 25 finalists selected

Do not stop, giving back to the research in the artistic field the highest possible value. The 2020 edition of RUFA Contest, aimed as always at declining the kaleidoscopic forms of intellect, continues its engraving. While waiting to understand the modalities of interaction with the public, which will be defined on the basis of the evolution of the national and international pandemic framework, the jury has completed the difficult work of selecting the 25 projects admitted to the final phase.

The commission, composed of Marcella Cossu (La Galleria Nazionale), Barbara Goretti (Istituto Luce Cinecittà), Giulia Pedace (Maxxi), Federica Pirani (Musei in Comune), Emanuele Cappelli (artistic director RUFA Contest), Raffaele Simongini (RUFA), Fabio Mongelli (RUFA director -Rome University of Fine Arts), had to disentangle themselves from the various forms of expression, to determine a nucleus of projects that was not only projected into the future, but also capable of responding to the canons of the training processes of the Fine Arts Academies.

Here are the 25 protagonists of the RUFA Contest 2020:
– Riccardo Abate Riccardo, “Humanity”;
– Claudia Auricchio e Valerio Mecozzi, “Living stone”;
– Debora Barile, “N.O.W.”;
– Emma Brunelli “HÝBRIS”;
– Gianmatteo Buttiglione e Mirko Pelliccia, “H(earth)Z”;
– Valeria Cappabianca, “Panacea”;
– Laura Capriglia, “TREEBUTE”;
– Martina Carbone “∑/X SUMMATION OVER X”;
– Maria Cavinato, “At all times of time”;
– Caterina Crescini, “The eternal return of forms”;
– Giulia Di Franco, “Cuma”;
– Pietro Falcone “Saudade”;
– Maria Elisabetta Gentile, “Mihrab”
– Martina Giuliani “Nature lays bare”;
– Marco Luzzi “HOME, Borderline relationship”
– Lidia Matarazzo, “Naturae matrix”;
– Giovanni Benedetto Matteucci, “Judith”;
– Bogdan Melinte, “Geoscapes”;
– Francesco Saverio Pasquarelli, “Wildfire”;
– Francesco Piccolo, “VII”;
– Gianluca Ricco, “Monstrum”;
– Sofia Sotto Corona, “Bits of sky are the only certainty against these uncertain times”;
– Xiang Wang Yu “Fe + H2O2 → H2Fe + O2”;
– Annalisa Welzhofer “Grounding”.

“Oh, my Earth!”: this is the theme of the RUFA Contest which, as usual for five years, invites the students of the Academy of Fine Arts legally recognized by the Miur, to confront each other in the sign of creativity to decline ideation, ingenuity and research.

“I am your gem,
I was born from your daughter.
I breathe you, I drink you, I eat you.
By touching you, I learn to recognize myself.
Irreplaceable, inspiring muse, cradle of evolution.
You make me feel like a guest. You make me feel part of it.
I’m free with you,
by you I vibrate with emotion
and I can forget you, Mother.
So infinite and unrepeatable, Earth.”

The theme is intended to express a return to the origins, with academic training called upon to provide an answer to be an active part of the universal theme of Mother Earth. “An answer/project”, reiterated the artistic director Emanuele Cappelli, “as powerful as an aurora borealis or as light as the beating of a butterfly’s wings”.

Being an integral part of the RUFA Contest means learning what modernity and research are able to offer. During the previous editions all the artistic varieties that RUFA offers in the educational field have been symbolised. Stefan Sagmeister, in 2015, enlightened the students on the conceptual aspects of graphics and design; in 2016 Karim Rashid based the effectiveness of his intervention on the genesis of the product; while in 2017 Francis Kéré talked about architectures and trends, Shirin Neshat, in 2018, showed a more spiritual artistic conception, between cinema and photography, between image and visions; in 2019 the iconic presence of David LaChapelle synthesized art, media art and contemporaneity.

For the winner among the winners, a prize of €2,500.00 and a return air ticket to spend a training period at the studio of the international guest who will take on the role of jury president for the final evening.