Graphic design

AIAP talks with the elite of the creative industry go on. From Moscow Alexandra Sankova

After the “premiere”, which last December inaugurated this cycle of international meetings with the stars of the creative industry, everything is ready for the second talk organized by Aiap.

On Friday, 15th January at 6 p.m., strictly online live from Moscow, Cristina Chiappini will interview the director of the Moscow Design Museum Alexandra Sankova. At the center of the interview, to be considered as a real “lectio magistralis” with high educational content suitable for all RUFA students and especially for those who follow courses in Graphic Design, the various communication projects carried out by the important museum garrison: from the creation of posters to postcards, from packaging to books, not forgetting, of course, the magazines and original sketches. Particular attention is given to the collections of the Constructivist period (1917-1935), the Soviet period (1940-1989) and the Contemporary period (1991-2020).

The basic idea of the international talks programmed by Aiap, and in particular by the Lazio section of this important advisory body, is to confront each other while remaining connected from the living room, bypassing the health emergency and eliminating the physical barriers and conditioning generated by it. In this process, so innovative and different from the past, RUFA has tried to make the most of, organizing or joining many initiatives all within the reach of click.

To participate just connect to the AIAP YouTube and Facebook channels. The talk is open to all and does not require registration.