Fine Arts

Sculpture and Installations

RUFA lecturer Davide Dormino among the artists of “B-JESUS – THE NATIVITY SCENE OF THE FUTURE”.

About 20 meters long by 14 meters wide, 80 artists involved and over 4 thousand hours of work. These are the numbers of “B-JESUS – THE NATIVITY SCENE OF THE FUTURE”, which can be visited at the “Nicola Calipari” gardens in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome from January 14 to February 6. The work will also be viewable online via the website and on the Instagram channel.

“B-JESUS” is a traveling art project conceived and curated by Guillermo Mariotto, with the collaboration of the association “Caput New Mundi” of Eileen Tasca, which aims to recover the sense of community and human values, through creativity, so as to create a bridge between adults, youth and children. The project is sponsored by RAI per il Sociale, Roma Capitale, Comune di Viterbo, Comune di Lanuvio and is supported by Elt Elettronica Group and by the technical sponsors Acea, IRIS Ceramiche, M2 INGEGNERIA, Lazio Innova.

The Nativity Scene is made up of 250 isosceles triangles covered with porcelain stoneware slabs, designed in 3D by the artist and sculptor Pellegrino Cucciniello and produced by the engineer and artist and sculptor Giuseppe Verri. It houses statuettes with “robotic” features endowed with special super powers: moral qualities, virtues and values to be offered as gifts.

The sculptures were commissioned to artists, sculptors, architects, jewelers, goldsmiths, engineers, designers and stylists from all over Europe, but also by students of the Academies of Fine Arts and Fashion, and schools of all levels.

Among the internationally renowned artists who participated in the creation of the work is also RUFA professor Davide Dormino who, for this particular occasion, worked closely with Tommaso Cascella, Serafino Maiorano, Bruno Ceccobelli, Federico Paris, Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal, just to name a few.

RUFA students of the BA and MA Sculpture course who collaborated in the creation of the work are: Carlo Mariotti “Independence”, Carola Spina “Self-determination”, Francesco Grillotti “Sensibility and Courage”, Gemma Victoria De Cisneros “Honesty”, Giorgia Papucci “Adaptability”, Lorenzo Giorgio “Resilience”, Davide Miceli and Amedeo Longo.

The aim of the itinerant installation is to spread an authentic sense of belonging to the creative community: a showcase that will be possible to admire for an entire year and that, while moving through Italy, will offer the possibility of welcoming, along the way, the works of all those who wish to join it. The initiative wants to foster the community spirit, triggering the desire for participation and spontaneous sharing, despite the adversities caused by distance and Covid-19.

“B-JESUS” intends to foster creativity, spread the beauty of artistic expression, achieve social inclusion, play an educational role, but also support “Save the children”.