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“Landscape 2021”: the call dedicated to sound and video artists

On January 28th, the Zeugma Collective launched the “Landscape2021” project: a call for sound and video artists that is part of the activities aimed at rebuilding a fertile ground in a moment of musical and cultural “standstill” caused by the pandemic. The experience intends to demonstrate that Zeugma is not a meteor of good intentions, but above all it is the creator of concrete actions that want to give faith to the manifesto launched by the collective and that many artists, curators, organizers and researchers have already signed placing the issue of the spread of sound culture at the center of their experiences.

“Landscape 2021” invites to express themselves through audiovisual works that focus on the use of sound to tell the interaction between man and territory. Every place and every time have their own history and this the landscape tells it, manifests it in a brazen way with sounds, noises, shadows and smells that inhabit it. Through the words taken from “The Plague” by Albert Camus, Zeugma proposes the incipit of reflection and action of this call: “The word did not contain only what science wanted to put in it, but also a long series of extraordinary images that did not fit in well with that yellow and grey city, moderately animated at that time, buzzing rather than noisy, happy in short, if it is possible to be both happy and gloomy. And such a peaceful and indifferent tranquility almost effortlessly denied the old images of the scourge”. The final goal of the call is to realize an Anthology of Landscape that will put together the best selected works, promoting them within Zeugma’s channels, but also within festivals/exhibitions (physical and virtual) organized by the project’s partners, encouraging the collaboration among artists.

The best 20 unpublished works will be selected according to the following criteria: adherence of the work to the proposed theme; high technical and narrative quality; sound-image interplay; the most innovative use of audiovisual media. In the commission that selects the works there is also RUFA lecture and coordinator of the Master of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design Caterina Tomeo. To register for the call just go to the Collettivo Zeugma website and enter the section “Landscape 2021”. The deadline for registration, which is completely free, is April 25. The winning work will be presented at the Maxxi.