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TWM Factory launches “Art is you”: the call to create new works by recovering obsolete equipment, old furniture, scraps and waste pieces

The cultural association TWM Factory promotes a contest for the reuse of discarded objects, aimed at artists and designers aged between 16 and 34 years, living in the Lazio region, for the creation of a work of art to be exhibited in the permanent exhibition of Roma Smistamento.

The theme of reuse stands in contrast to the tendencies of programmed obsolescence and the concept of waste related to the rapid evolution of new technologies that lead in a short time valuable objects to become unusable.


Contemporary society has begun to develop a marked sensitivity towards the theme of recovery, moving in the direction of “zero-waste” and creative reuse. Thus was born, in a space regenerated by creativity, the desire to recover materials accumulated during the years of use, finding them a new function through artistic practice. A way to respond to the unbridled consumerism of our times and give space for reflection and concrete proposals.

Artists and designers are asked to propose a work of art, an installation or a new object for use, through the transformation of the following materials made available by TWM Factory: 10 OSRAM neon tubes, 6 velvet chairs, white fabric threads, shiny and opaque glass, colored plastic threads.

To participate in the call, the person interested should send an email to attaching the presentation of the project to be realized, explained in 1000 characters with attached sketches, drawings or render, PDF format, as well as your CV and portfolio. The deadline for registration and submission of material is the 14 March 2021.

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