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RUFA and ten years of MAXXI 

“A History for the Future – Ten Years of MAXXI” is not a simple exhibition, but an artistic research project that sees one of the most active museums in the process of valorization of national and international contemporary art engaged in the forefront. The exhibition project, which will close on 29 August, is curated by Hou Hanru and aims to bring to the attention of the general public as a moment of reflection, but also of debate, on the first decade of the twenty-first century, through the point of view of MAXXI.

In a thematic and chronological reading, thousands of images, videos, sounds and words, multimedia installations are presented. The installation curated by the Dutch studio Inside-Outside by Petra Blaisse, recognized for its innovative contributions in exhibition design and landscape architecture, has created an immersive environment centered on the multisensory experience.

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts – is also participating in this journey through time, but with an eye towards innovation. Camilla Marcotulli and Giulia Pugliese, two students of the Fine Arts Academy legally recognized by the Ministry of University and Research, have been commissioned to carry out the interviews, editing and assembly of the video installation entitled “The Yellow Room”. A narrative of the museum realized in collaboration with the MAXXI team, coordinated by Giulia Pedace with the support of Giulia Cappelletti. The video installation is intended to be projected for the entire duration of the exhibition.