A week of workshops to regenerate the sense of humanity

A very relevant look towards safety and the desire to make thought manual in some way. RUFA is an Academy of Fine Arts, the School of Making: in the classrooms the training course is aimed at making an idea real, at releasing creativity, at searching for solutions that are always different and alternative.

The week of workshops that ended on March 6, for many students was a return to the future: on the one hand, they reviewed their ability to translate theory into practice, putting not only their heads but also their hands, understanding how necessary comparison is to make the artist’s experience even more complete.

The workshops, and this is the element that has characterized the strengthening in recent years, are the result of synergistic action between experts, professionals and skills, passing through that irrepressible desire to break the mold, to determine routes still unknown that identify the new generations. These are the ingredients that make the week of workshops an appointment that wants to relaunch the challenge to tomorrow and to what will be.

But putting aside for a moment the important didactic aspects, what made this period of training even more fascinating was a progressive return to normality with the spaces of the Academy which, in compliance with the rules to avoid any contagion, were repopulated not only with hard work and expectations, but also with words and noises. Everyone detached themselves from the monitor to savor humanity. To testify, should there be any need, that art does not stop.

Workshop RUFA 2020/21 – Sessione di marzo