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The reality that “doesn’t” exist: the third edition of the contest proposed by One More Pictures and Rai Cinema gets underway

On Thursday, April 1 at 11:00, live on Rai Cinema‘s Facebook page and on the homepage of the participatory platform, the third edition of the “The Reality that Doesn’t Exist” contest will kick off. The experience – conceived by One More Pictures and Rai Cinema – aims to combine the telling of a social issue with new forms of storytelling, transforming a strong story into a transmedia project capable of promoting virtual reality and the new languages of audiovisuals.

The objective is to offer an opportunity to a young filmmaker to see his or her screenplay developed into an articulated production project that will include a linear short film, a short film in virtual reality and other formats that will be revealed during the presentation.

This is a path that RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts has embraced, becoming an active partner in the project. Specifically, One More Pictures and Rai Cinema, together with the authors, will expand the narrative universe of the winning proposal in order to develop it in various formats. A true laboratory of innovation that will come to life through different channels, each with its own narrative value, conveying the public in a single great multi-platform story.

The sponsor of the contest is Campari. The theme of the 2021 edition is: “the digital between threats and opportunities”. The challenge launched to the screenwriters of the future is to narrate the controversial world of digital, from its risks and threats to its resources and opportunities.

As part of the contest have been involved prestigious institutions that, in different ways, will give their support and contribution: Manuela Cacciamani Founder of One More Pictures and creator of the contest, Paolo Del Brocco CEO of Rai Cinema, Maria Grazia Mattei Founder and President of MEET Digital Culture Center, Marco Saletta General Manager Sony Interactive Entertainment Italia for the PlayStation brand, Domenico De Gaetano Director of the National Museum of Cinema in Turin, Massimiliano Colella General Manager of Innova Camera for Maker Faire, Christian Nucibella CEO of FiloBlu, Caterina Tomeo lecturer and coordinator of the two-year course in Multimedia Arts and Design RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts, Alfredo Clarizia Legal & Business Affairs Director for Sony Music Entertainment Italy, Gennaro Coppola CEO of Direct2Brain, Carlo Rodomonti strategic and digital marketing manager for Rai Cinema, the internationally renowned photographer and artist Fabio Lovino and Giovanna Salvatori content manager for TV Friends and Partners.

For more information and to participate in the contest will need to consult the rules published from April 1 on the dedicated pages of the sites of One More Pictures and Rai Cinema and send the script to email