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Design and the Bachelor of Arts: the contest of the University of San Marino

The Design degree programs at the University of the Republic of San Marino are promoting a competition to select and award projects or theses in the areas of Product Interaction Design, Service Design, Exhibit Design, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Data Visualization. The objective of the competition is to investigate design activity in the areas of Interaction & Experience Design, opening up an active confrontation between universities.

The project, activator of the dynamics of transformation and change, is configured as a tool available to designers to contribute to a more equitable, open and inclusive society, through the critical study of the relationship between technologies, individuals and communities.

Participation in the competition is reserved for students regularly enrolled in the third year or graduates of degree courses in Design (L-4), related degree courses related to classes L-3 or L-17, high artistic and musical training or similar courses of study held in Italy or abroad. Students regularly enrolled in a Master’s degree course or those who have held a Bachelor’s degree for more than 12 months are excluded from participation. Participation can be individual or collective: in the latter case, it will be necessary to indicate the contact person who will take charge of the application and include the names of the other members of the group.

Those who are interested in participating in the competition should send the works, as required by the rules published on the site of the University of the Republic of San Marino, by May 24 at 12:00. 

All entries received by the deadline will be evaluated by a jury based on the following criteria:
(a) originality and ability to represent the peculiarities of the object of the competition;
b) correspondence of the works to the objectives of the contest;
c) completeness of the works with respect to the guidelines.

The jury’s judgement is unquestionable and incontrovertible and is made up of: a professor of the Master’s degree course in Design of the University of San Marino, as president; a professional in the field of Experience Design; a professional in the field of Interaction Design; two external commissioners chosen among professors of other Universities.

The technical-scientific jury will deliberate on the winners within 20 days from the closing date of the deadline for submissions. A special student jury will evaluate the awarding of possible honorable mentions. For more information on participation in the competition you can write to

The total prize money will be divided as follows: 800 euros to the first classified, 600 to the second, 400 to the third.