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Artistic research on show at RUFA Space

“620 seconds” is the name of the art project that the student Miriana D’Alessandro will hold between 14 and 15 April at RUFA Space at 5 p.m., in Via degli Ausoni 7, in the historical and cultural setting of the Pastificio Cerere.

The experience, according to Simone Cametti, is part of the “Ausoni occupato” programme. Focused on multimedia as a conceptual key, it is to be understood as an opening of the gaze to a different approach and relationship between the different artistic disciplines. The aim is to develop a greater awareness of the various technical/media possibilities in the artistic pathway of each individual student. .

From April to June, actions will be developed aimed at “occupying” the RUFA Space by means of photographs, painting, multimedia installations and performances with actions of a limited duration of 24 hours. Examining the processes of art occupation in the last century, from Fluxus practices, with Fluxhouse, to the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin, to 59 Rue de Rivoli in Paris, occupying today more than ever is an act of necessity.

“620 seconds” stems from a reflection made during a walking session. The focus is on the element of water and how it makes perceptible the fleeting nature of the individual’s general passage. It is a wet footprint that gives evidence of the brief permanence of the steps..

The starting point is represented by “32 square metres of sea about” (1967) by Gino Pascali: the author has reconstructed one of the tanks in the installation, filling it equally with sea water. “The salt water – explains Miriana D’Alessandro – intervenes on the pool and subsequently, as I enter and leave it, I will take with me the water that my steps will collect, drawing the perimeter of the room as I walk. I want to give nature back its role as an independent variable. To take the water out of the square metre is to remove it from the artifice and at the same time to make myself witness to a reflection on a further, limiting, boxing up”. .