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“Carapelli for Art” call for proposals launched

Following the success of past editions, Carapelli is once again promoting the “Carapelli for Art” project: a visual arts competition created with the intention of premiering and supporting the value and quality of the work of contemporary artists.

The theme of this year’s competition is the development of the concept “Sustainability”. There are values that in a particular historical phase become more than important: they become necessary. Sustainability is the development model identified as a viable solution, because it balances the growth of the current generation with that of future generations. More than ever, there is a close affinity with a concept that spans entire epochs of human culture, namely harmony, as an agreement between equal and different elements from which a positive result is derived.

The winning works will be awarded four prizes for a total prize fund of 12,000 euros; two of the four will be reserved for the category students enrolled in academies of fine arts.

Entries must be submitted by July, while the publication of the winners is scheduled for September, with a final event in October to which the selected winning artists will be invited.

For more information, visit the Carapelli for Art website.