Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Nandini Nambiar starring at RUFA

A new appointment with the masterclasses of the master’s degree course in Computer animation and visual effects, coordinated by lecturer Pietro Ciccotti.

On 26 April there will be a meeting with Nandini Nambiar, considered an absolute protagonist in animation cinema and in the refinement of special effects. Nambiar graduated from the National School of Cinema – CSC in the Animation Department in Turin. She has worked in Milan, Paris and Amsterdam in advertising, automotive and animated television series, working mainly in lighting, look development and compositing. In 2013 she moved to Montreal, Canada, to work on lighting and look development on hero characters in visual effects films.

In parallel with her wanderings around the world, she began to accumulate high-profile experiences and collaborations that allowed her to be part of productions considered milestones in the industry. Examples include “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales“, the show “His Dark Materials“, “Flora and Ulysses” and, most recently, “The midnight sky“, nominated for an Oscar for visual effects. She is currently working as a senior look development artist at Framestore.

Nandini Nambiar’s experiences will certainly be the subject of discussion and in-depth study among the RUFA students who will take part in the masterclass, by virtue of the direction that the Computer Animation and Visual Effects course has provided up to now: a space in which to strengthen one’s skills without conditioning, with the sole stimulus of not being satisfied and of determining new paths. And it is exactly in this scenario that participation in the masterclass acquires even more strength.