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The making off of “Siamo tutte Frida” on Chili TV

The coordinator of the Bachelor of Arts course of the School of Cinema, Andrés Rafael Zabala, signed the direction of the theatrical show and the making off of ” Siamo tutte Frida” that, since a few weeks, is available on the Chili TV platform. The documentary focuses on the staging of the event, which took place in October 2020 at the Arciliuto Theatre in Piazza di Montevecchio in Rome, recording a sell-out.

The performance ” Siamo tutte Frida was curated by the multifaceted Rosanna Fedele, in the multiple guises of designer, stylist, painter, singer and actress. The show intended to give voice to the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, representing the female universe in its entirety: suffering women, restless, betrayed and traitors, devoted, undecided, artists. “We are all Frida” rediscovers the intimate side of the artist, beyond her being, in our days, an icon of style. The texts, which retrace the sufferings of Frida Khalo, are freely taken from the book “Viva la vida!” written by Pino Cacucci.

The complex organizational process of the project has recorded the participation of RUFA students Marialuce Venturi (assistant set designer), Giacomo Raffaelli (assistant director), Fabio Maiorano (assistant director and second room), Stefano Antonio Mangia (assistant director and lights). The project is a work of art that has been realized by the students of RUFA.