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Piazze romane, art to boost tourism

The press conference for the presentation of “Piazze Romane” project, scheduled for Friday 4 June from 11 a.m., via streaming from the RUFA Pastificio Cerere headquarters on Via degli Ausoni 7 in the heart of the San Lorenzo district, is a moment of fundamental importance not only for expressing the artistic content of the project, but also for highlighting its potential in terms of tourism.

The creation of a contemporary art tour linking eight different sites in the historic centre is an innovative element capable of attracting visitors and observers interested in design and modernity over the summer.

This is an aspect of the experience that was also highlighted by Silvia Pucci, marketing manager of Hotel Canada in Rome, an official partner in the project, who wanted to develop the binomial art – travel.

Silvia Pucci

“Hotel Canada – explains the young manager – is an integral part of Best Western’s exclusive “Premier Collection” brand. These hotels are characterised by their ability to guarantee an exceptional stay and travel experience. And it is precisely from this aspect that we look to the future. Piazze Romane allows us to open our doors to a different kind of user who is interested not only in the city, but also in the expressive contaminations it can generate. In this scenario, as the third generation of hoteliers, we are in continuity with the vision of the hotel’s founders, Gioacchino and Malvina, offering a service that makes guests feel at home. In “Piazze romane” this desire to welcome guests is expressed clearly and distinctly: the rooms of the hotel, in fact, will house until next autumn the prototypes of the works that will be placed in the squares and streets of the historic centre of Rome, offering a new and different overall view of the experience that RUFA and the Municipio I Roma Centro have intended to pursue. The exhibition was conceived and generated with the aim of resuming Rome’s tourist vocation, interrupted due to the pandemic, and for this reason it is open to the public, in compliance with the Covid-19 anti-infection regulations. The occasion is the right one to look each other in the eye again, to talk to each other and to confront each other. But there is more. Hotel Canada will also host some new works which, due to regulatory restrictions, have not been included in the general exhibition plan”..

Hotel Canada is in Rome, Via Vicenza 58.

For information and contacts about the exhibition .
Telephone: 06 4457770


Progetto Piazze Romane - Hotel Canada


Progetto Piazze Romane - Hotel Canada