RUFA e Maiani Accademia di Moda Immagine

Photography and Audiovisual

RUFA collaborates with Maiani Fashion Academy

In application of the canons of its educational proposal, RUFA has initiated a series of collaborations with bodies and institutions that share the same educational visions of the Academy of Fine Arts legally recognised by the Ministry of University and Research.

In this becoming RUFA intends to open up even more to the territory, becoming a point of reference for the artistic sector as a whole. In this context, the collaboration with the Maiani Fashion Academy takes on a very special relevance. Specifically, the third-year students of the School of Photography and Audiovisuals, coordinated by Michele Palazzi, welcomed the artistic concepts of the future fashion designers and produced a series of fashion shots based on the moodboards of the outfits and outlined a series of agreed design ideas.

Fashion design turns into photography. Thus photographers and designers shared not only the technical aspects, but also their respective professional hopes. A process that made it possible to generate a new and exciting creative path that will certainly be repeated in the near future.