Partnership progetto di ricerca cera d'api

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Research project for the artistic use of beeswax

A synergy to ensure that art and sustainability can be carriers of ideas and innovation. RUFA Department of Visual Arts, the company BEEOPAK and LCA Studio Legale have started a research project that intends to use the elements produced by bees as a means of expression. This is a very futuristic project that aims to confront students with the difficulties involved in working with wax, the precious fruit of these insects that are so delicate and important for the survival of human beings.

In this scenario beeswax becomes a material to be moulded, to be combined with other objects to be recycled, so as to encourage a strong sensitivity towards the environment. Specifically, the innovative star-up BEEOPAK has over the last few years developed an environmentally friendly washable and reusable food film of organic cotton fabric, soaked in a 100% natural organic beeswax mixture that keeps food fresh for a long time, and makes the fabric washable and reusable. This is the base that RUFA students are called upon to manipulate, process and convert.

The proposal and support of LCA Studio Legale is fundamental, as part of its operational vision, it has generated the project “LAW IS ART!”, born from the passion for the world of contemporary art, the deep knowledge of the peculiarities of the art market and the recognized legal expertise in art law. “LAW IS ART!” stems from the precise desire to support innovation in the artistic field, to enhance human creativity and promote art outside the traditional circuits, and from the recognition of art as a cultural investment and source of personal and social enrichment.

In this context, those enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts legally recognised by the Mur are engaging in the generation, above all, of wall art.
The agreement also includes collaboration in multiple cultural initiatives, training activities and artistic events that see the active participation of RUFA students. The project is carried out in collaboration with Apice and AXA XL, as technical partners.