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Piazze romane: new tour on 13 July

A new appointment with Piazze romane. After the inauguration that took place last June, RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts and the Municipio I Roma Centro have scheduled a second guided tour of the squares and streets that host the works of contemporary art created by the students of the Academy.

The importance of the project

“This new tour of Piazze Romane, scheduled Tuesday 13 July starting at 9pm,” explained RUFA director and architect Fabio Mongelli, “is intended as a way to highlight, without prejudice, the research and experimental work carried out by 13 students who have created site-specific works, anticipating the concept of participatory public art that neighbouring France is investing millions of euros in. The purpose of art, especially contemporary art, is to generate debate, to open up to innovation and to create interest. In all these respects, Roman Squares exceeded the most optimistic expectations. Unfortunately, the route has been orphaned by the two works for the Trastevere district, which have been irreparably vandalised”.

The support of the Municipio I Roma Centro

“Over the course of the past few weeks,” said the councillor for urban regeneration of the Municipio I Roma Centro Giulia Urso, we have listened to the opinions, even dissenting ones, of many young people who are asking to be makers of change. Politics is obliged to listen to these requests, encouraging the encounter between different ideas, seeking a synthesis while respecting democratic rules. The teaching of art is an Italian prerogative that we must hold on to, and Rome cannot afford to close the door on such a complex game in which the world’s most important cities interact. The tour on Tuesday 13 July at 21:00 aims to be an opportunity for dialogue, between young people for young people”.