News - Film Dark Rome di Andrès Zabala


Dark Rome on SKY Cinema

The independent film by Andrés Rafael Zabal, coordinator of the bachelor of arts course at the RUFA Cinema School, “A Dark Rome” has been acquired by SKY Cinema for the NOW TV platform.

A journey that began in 2014 and that has seen many students gradually turn into valued professionals. Many of those young people, today protagonists of the professional world, have one more reason to rejoice.

A result achieved slowly, but for this reason all the more interesting. An expected and sought-after progress that shows how it is possible to realise, with minimal budgets, projects capable of projecting into the future and, above all, ready to measure up to markets that were not even conceivable at the time of realisation.

The film

“A Dark Rome” was made with a small group of professionals who knew how to work as a team, making up for the inevitable technical shortcomings that mark the start of many careers.

The photography by Tommaso Biciocchi and the music by composer Andrea Tosi facilitated the participation of many RUFA students “class of 2014”: Sara Mignogna, Vittoria Citterni Da Siena, Stefano Scamardella, John Pietro Stella, Mario Russo, Mohamed Hossameldin. Many of them are now excellent film directors: a tangible sign of the training that that work represented.


Although “low budget“, the film was shot in English with 38 actors and 35 different locations. After its release it was selected and screened in many festivals in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Canada, winning also some awards, including in 2015 the “Maccabre Faire Film Festival – Best Thriller” in New York.


“To the young people of that time – says RUFA lecturer Andrés Rafael Zabala – who today are no longer RUFA students, but esteemed colleagues, goes my sincerest thanks. “A Dark Rome” has been rated by NOW TV with 4.5 stars out of 5: an invitation to see a film and evaluate its potential some 7 years later”.


The acquisition by SKY Cinema of “A Dark Rome”, distributed by “30 Holding” of Varese, is a great support for Andrés Rafael Zabala who, at the moment, is preparing his next film entitled “Malleus”, which will involve as many young talents from the Scuola di Cinema and the RUFA Scenografia school.

Backstage photos