RUFA Open day on dedicates to RUFA a live event that allows high school students and those who are preparing to choose the most suitable training path for their needs, to gain awareness, identifying the study plan that best suits their skills and aptitudes.

The Digital Open day

RUFA and have scheduled a Digital Open Day for 16 September, starting at 4.00 pm, which will be broadcast on the digital channels.

The aim is to convey the right information to those who wish to approach the world of art, design, communication, cinema, photography and media art with a more innovative and contemporary outlook.

The live broadcast organised by will allow people to get to know RUFA in a complete and in-depth way, also listening to the words of the protagonists.

In addition to providing all possible information on the bachelor of arts courses, useful for those who have graduated and do not yet know how to continue their studies, the contents of the Master of arts courses will be illustrated, which are high-performance and able to meet the most daring challenges of the professional world.

At the Digital Open Day dedicated to RUFA, there will also be space to understand all the services offered by the Academy, first and foremost those related to the provision of study grants and foreign exchange programmes, but also the study method adopted: the flagship of the Academy, from which all the RUFA – Experience derive.

Andrea-René Angeramo and Riccardo Baldani, respectively head and collaborator of the Guidance Office, Caterina Tomeo, coordinator of the Master of arts program in Multimedia Arts and Design, and Francesco Incantalupo, student of Graphic Design, will talk about RUFA.

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