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Two RUFA alumni in Venice

Interesting and forward-looking performances by some former RUFA students at the Venice Film Festival, in particular by Beatrice Baldacci and Matteo Petecca.

Beatrice Baldacci was the curator of the director of the feature film “La Tana”, starring among others Irene Vetere, Lorenzo Aloi, Helénè Nardini, Elisa Di Eusanio, Paolo Ricci and Federico Rosati.

“La Tana”

The story is connected to the season of love par excellence. In the summer of his eighteenth year, Giulio decides not to leave and to stay at home to help his parents with the work in the vegetable garden. In the next house, uninhabited for some time, Lia, a twenty-year-old girl, arrives. Giulio wants to get to know her, but she is grumpy and introverted. One day Giulio goes swimming in the lake and Lia tries to drown him for fun. Attracted by her, he starts thinking about her day and night. Lia initiates him into more and more dangerous games, hiding secrets and not allowing anyone to set foot in the old abandoned house.

“When I first thought of the film – Beatrice explains – I saw the image of a house in the country, a safe shelter in which to take refuge. In that enchanting place Giulio and Lia play with their bodies, exploring the fragile boundaries between love, death and violence, trying to find their way in the unknown. Each gives the other what they can give. This encounter pushes them to face their fears and make them grow. Pain is the mysterious force that unites them. The Lair is not a concrete and real place, but that space where we go to hide when we are not well. And where we hope someone will come looking for us.

Equally exciting was the experience of Matteo Petecca, writer of the short film “Notte Romana”, who together with Valerio Ferrara (director) and Alessandro Logli created an 8-minute story about summer love between a boy and a girl from different social classes.

“Notte romana”

The short film was awarded as the best of the Festival and received the Fedic Mention. It is a story of love and knives set in Rome, in which the clash between the suburbs and the bourgeois world emerges clear but not sharp. In an affluent Roman neighbourhood, Paolo is at the bar with his friends, as he is every night. When he is about to go home, two dangerous boys arrive. One in particular “points” at him. It is Gioacchino: he has been looking for Paolo for three months and has finally found him. He accuses him of having been with his girlfriend and threatens to make him pay.