Sustainable Fashion Design

The circular fashion of the future: Anna Lottersberger at the Antwerp Conference

Anna Lottersberger, RUFA’s academic development and international marketing officer, will take part in the Responsible Fashion Series conference in Antwerp on 21 October at 11.30am. The conference can be viewed worldwide via free live-streaming by registering on the University of Antwerp website.

The talk, co-hosted with journalist Sofia Celeste, focuses on ‘How international fashion companies finance innovative start-ups to create a circular economy’. The topic, as well as being highly topical, is inextricably linked to the “green” future envisioned by RUFA, which has long since introduced the concept of sustainability into its courses, thus allowing its students to approach the various subjects in a decidedly innovative way compared to the recent past.

The cognitive contribution proposed by Anna Lottersberger and Sofia Celeste examines the investments made by the most important financial players in the international fashion industry and especially those companies and start-ups that originated as sustainable. These are companies and groups that are striving to adopt new business models in order to accelerate the transition to a circular fashion system. The authors of the paper focus not only on numbers and scenarios, but also on the opportunities that such action can generate in the market. Of course, there is no shortage of references to the potential of the online market, which is destined to grow and become even stronger.
An exhaustive and precise study that, as the conference hoped, will generate future horizons yet to be deciphered.