National Arts Award – 16th edition

The Ministry of Universities and Research, as part of its activities to promote the system of high artistic, musical and dance training, has published the call for entries for the sixteenth edition of the “National Arts Award”.

XVI edition

Participation, in view of the pandemic emergency that led to the postponement of the conclusion of the competition operations of the previous edition, is open to students of the Institutions and accredited courses of the AFAM system, enrolled both in the academic year 2020/2021 and in the academic year 2021/2022 and is divided into the following sections: painting, sculpture, restoration, graphic arts, decoration, theatrical, cinematographic and television set design, electronic art, photography, interactive works, video installations, narrative and creative audiovisual productions, ballet, contemporary dance, choreography, direction, acting, dramaturgy, design, singing (opera and vocal chamber music), guitar, harp and mandolin, composition, conducting, accordion, organ, jazz, percussion, piano, chamber and ensemble music, electronic music and new technologies, music for ancient instruments and voices, original pop and rock music: ensembles, soloists and voices, string instruments, violin and viola, cello and double bass, wind instruments, woodwinds, brass.

How to participate in the prize

Students interested in taking part in the competition must submit an application to the institution to which they belong, exclusively for one of the sections indicated above, according to the procedures that will be specified and adequately publicised.

Works already submitted in previous editions of the Prize are not admitted. RUFA, by availing itself of the competent teaching structures and according to procedures established by its own regulations, will evaluate the applications received, identifying the students who will be able to participate in the national selective tests.

The Prize winners

The final winners will be selected by juries appointed by the Ministry, whose judgement is final and unquestionable. Ex-aequo winners are not permitted.

The individual institutions may award special prizes for particular qualities highlighted by the students participating in the final phase and may provide for the awarding of scholarships by public and/or private bodies, also dedicated to personalities who have played an important and significant role in the field of arts, music and entertainment.

All competition transactions must be concluded, compatibly with the general health emergency, by 15 November 2022.

In order to enhance the excellence of Italian higher artistic education, with particular reference to young talents, the Mur has established collaborations with entities that carry out their activities in the field of artistic production and that have offered to host some of the winners of the National Arts Award in their concert seasons.

In particular, collaborations have been established with the Abruzzo Symphony Institution, Italian Youth Music, New Consonanza and RAI.