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Photography and Audiovisual

Fabiana Scattarreggia and the C41 magazine

Another fine publication. The umpteenth. The School of Photography and Audiovisuals at RUFA, coordinated by the lecturer Michele Palazzi, continues to reap success in the publishing field. The magazine C41 has “opened” its pages to the work of Fabiana Scattarreggia, entitled “Nelle tue selve tacite urla”.


C41 Magazine

C41 Magazine is a contemporary visual art magazine that focuses on style, fashion, design and creative communities. The aim is to tell stories through the lens of readers. Even the name of the magazine is purely related to photography. C-41, in fact, is a very popular and widespread chromogenic colour printing film development process.

The work of Fabiana Scattareggia

The research carried out by Fabiana Scattarreggia, a recent RUFA graduate, focuses on her native land, Calabria, and the desire for rebellion that drove her away from it.


“Calabria – the young artist points out – is harsh beauty, it is a bitter land, contaminated by savages. Today, Calabria is a land that is defined by many as welcoming, but that often becomes the scene of inconceivable violence. A country tormented by crime and abandoned by the State. It has many holes that have never been covered, which is why I felt the need to live it, to tell its story, losing myself in the looks of the people, in the boundless nature. My gaze was “far away” in everything I photographed, starting from nature and arriving at more difficult subjects such as the ‘ndrangheta. My aim is to make anyone who looks at the project reflect on the conditions in Calabria”. My aim is to make anyone who looks at the project reflect on the conditions in Calabria.