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Contest against secondary victimisation

MASC, the artistic and cultural movement led by Silvia Vallerani, has issued a call for entries for a contest against secondary victimisation aimed at raising awareness of and overcoming it.

The aim of the contest

The association intends to award prizes to video productions that effectively describe the phenomenon. The video contest is part of the European project “Never Again”, coordinated by the “Luigi Vanvitelli” University of Campania and organised in partnership with D.i.Re – Women in the Network against Violence, the Sole 24 ore – Alley Oop, Maschile Plurale and Prodos Consulting.

MASC – Socio-Cultural Artistic Movement

MASC is an acronym that encapsulates ideas, skills and willingness to do. It is a Socio-Cultural Artistic Movement that relies on art and what it can do: raise awareness, excite, inform, educate, integrate, denounce, support, help, liberate, generate, create…

The contest

Participation in the contest is free and open to young people between the ages of 18 and 39 from all over Italy. Participation is possible in individual or associated form. In the case of participation in association form, at least three quarters of the group members must be in the age group envisaged (18-39). Each group must indicate a representative who will be the contact person for communications from the organisation.

The competition is open to published videos made with any technique, recording instrument and narrative type. The videos must have original content, not covered by copyright. For videos depicting identifiable faces (close-ups or generally recognisable people), a release must be obtained. In the case of minors, the release form must be signed by both parents.

In the event that the images refer to facts, events, ceremonies of public interest, it is possible not to request a release from the subjects filmed only if the shots are general overviews and do not focus on one or more specific persons. The music must be original, or in any case not covered by copyright.


The winning video must then be subtitled in English by the submitter. At the beginning, the videos must contain: title and name of the author(s). The maximum length is 5 minutes, while the required format is 16:9 Full HD 1920X1080, .mp4 or .mov files, h264 video codec.