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Scholarship for visual arts and photography

Médiathèque Valais – Martigny (MV-MY) and Margherita Foundation (FM) are offering a scholarship to a young artist who has graduated from an art school in visual arts and photography.

The scholarship

The scholarship is intended to provide economic support in the transitional period between the end of the training course and entry into a full-fledged artistic career. The scholarship also aims to enhance the audiovisual heritage of the MV-MY collections (photographs, film/video, audio documents) through the theme of Italianness in Valais.

Since 2018, the Italian spirit in Valais has been part of the inventory of “living traditions” of the canton of the same name. The Italians, the first group of migrants to settle in Valais, have made an essential contribution to the economic, social and cultural life of the place. The many facets of Italianness in Valais are a reminder that the social and cultural identity of a region is ceaselessly constructed in the relationship between those who leave and those who stay.


Candidates may propose a work based exclusively on documents from the archival heritage of MV-MY, or on a dialogue between these and audiovisual works created for the occasion. In both cases, the application must present an original perspective on the theme.

The scholarship is intended for graduates in visual arts and photography who have completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree within the two years preceding the competition.

The scholarship award

The scholarship includes a prize of 4,000 Swiss francs for the research and creation work and a sum of 1,000 Swiss francs for the production of the works and the deposit of one of the works in the MV-MY archives. Once completed, the work will be exhibited at the Médiathèque Valais – Martigny, in the Space Dans Objectif.

A committee of experts will evaluate the applications and appoint the beneficiary. Applicants will be informed in writing of the decision taken by the commission, at the latest by mid-February 2022.

The application file must be sent by 15 January 2022 to the email address