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Human: first-post-contemporary

On Friday 19 November 2021 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., the RUFA Space will host the event Human: first-post-contemporary the final exhibition of the Workshop “Bodies, textiles, images” by Caterina Di Rienzo.

RUFA Space

RUFA Space, the multi-purpose area dedicated to events and exhibitions by the students of the Academy, continues to generate culture, acting as a point of reference, a meeting place and a forum for discussion, in a neighbourhood, San Lorenzo, which in Rome has always performed this function. For RUFA, located in the hub of Pastificio Cerere, this attitude is not just a vision, but a vocation ingrained in its DNA.

“Human: first-post-contemporary” exhibition

“Human: first-post-contemporary” exposes a hypothesis on contemporary feeling: from the organic to the inorganic, from the archetypal beauty of a first man, to his “throwawayness” in the world of existence, up to the declinations of an impersonal body that “feels like a thing” and the visual abstraction of a mathematical “more” origin of the world. The works produced (video-installation, performance contributions, photography, sculpture), and the performances created by the students on the videographies of the photographer and mathematician Massimo Cappellani, display a path that redraws the multidimensional and complex identity of the contemporary subjectivity.

Human: first-post-contemporary


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