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Fourth edition HOME contest

The “Antonio Gramsci” Foundation, as part of “HOME – House of Memory & Engagement”, an integrated didactic project developed as part of the Creative Hub, has decided to confirm the creative competition aimed at students of the Fine Arts Academies to creatively interpret Antonio Gramsci’s thought.

HOME contest

The fourth edition of the contest is being held in partnership with the Arci of Turin and the Associazione dei Sardi in Torino “Antonio Gramsci” and aims to encourage students to draw up a project for the creation of a mural, a video or a short script for a podcast.

The theme is “Revolution”, understood as a concept based on the hope of a better, freer and fairer world, which Gramsci himself inspired.

The competition can be accessed by: presenting a mural project to be created on a wall surface of a building in the city of Turin, the dimensions and information on which will be provided at the end of registration; presenting a video; presenting the script for a podcast.

Contest candidates

Participants will be required to attend four training sessions dedicated to the life and thought of Antonio Gramsci, political muralism and the Mexican revolution, revolution and muralism in cinematographic and visual language, and narrative techniques for writing podcasts.

Candidates to participate must submit the required documentation for registration no later than 15 January 2022 at 11:59 pm by sending an email to The same email can be used to request information and specifications on participation. The deadline for submitting entries is 31 May 2022.