Masterclass con Sara Kostic

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Masterclass with Sara Kostić

As part of the programme for the course in Performing Techniques in the Visual Arts, the lecturer Marta Jovanovic has scheduled an exceptional masterclass from 13 to 18 December, with the presence of Sara Kostić.
Considered by critics and experts to be one of the leading figures in this particular creative field, Sara Kostić is an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of performance, visual arts and architecture.

The masterclass

The Performance art and architecture masterclass with Sara Kostić will take students on a journey around some of the most important places and symbols of the city of Rome. The workshop intends to explore how particular spaces and architectures can change performance art and vice versa, also declining various techniques. Moreover, the lecturer Marta Jovanovic herself, in her teaching, follows the same paradigm, with the aim of promoting and facilitating the further progress of this innovative discipline.

Sara Kostić

She holds a Master’s degree in Architectural Design from the University of Belgrade, and has participated in leading experiences such as the “PerformanceHUB” programme, also in Belgrade, or the “EmergeNYC” at the Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics at New York University.

In her work, the artist/performer tends to incorporate various phenomenologies related to the body, understood from a social, political and physical point of view, questioning their different and possible relationships. She is actively involved in the international performance art scene, having performed at the “MoCA” in Belgrade (Serbia), the “Venice International Performance Art Week” (Italy), the “Mardin Biennale” (Turkey), the “Abrons Art Center” and the “Grace Exhibition Space” in New York.

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Masterclass con Sara Kostić