Photography and Audiovisual

Bring us the Bright

Congratulations to RUFA student of Photography and Audiovisual Sabrina Marchionne: her project “Bring us the Bright” has just been published on the magazine Discarded Magazine.

Bring us the Bright is a research work that takes Catholic behavioral morality as a starting point to investigate how this influences the expression of everyone’s sexuality. The artist worked using elements that are part of early Christian symbolism, using them as more complex visual metaphors. In this work, the body becomes a place to take shelter, an instrument for rediscovering one’s identity, a safe place that allows you to move away from the gaze of others and find yourself away from judgments. Sabrina Marchionne‘s photographic research focuses on the dichotomy between appearance and identity, and in particular on the conflicts it causes on an intimate and social level.

Discarded Magazine is an international contemporary photography magazine, created to investigate the nature of the images discarded by the authors during the process of creating a creative project.

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