Workshop Dibitonto


Visual and Innovation Design

What’s next? Human-Centered Design for Future Scenarios

The new workshop: “What’s next? Human-Centered Design for Future Scenarios” will start on March 7th, held by professor Massimiliano Dibitonto – UX designer, expert in HCI, Internet of Things and Digital Fabrication, Product and Services Manager at the prestigious Italian company Olivetti.

A workshop that was born thanks to the consolidated partnership between RUFA and the historic brand Olivetti, an icon of Made in Italy design which, also through these initiatives, continues the great tradition of collaboration between industry and the world of design. At the forefront of the technological innovation and digital factory sector of the TIM Group, Olivetti could only participate in the cycle of RUFA Workshop addressing a relevant and complex issue which is the relationship between man and digital technology .

Il tema del workshop

The relationship between man and digital technology is undergoing a profound evolution. Information technology has come out of the PC screen and has begun to colonize objects, spaces, relationships and the very way in which we perceive and experience reality. Smart Cities, smart homes, voice assistants, cryptocurrencies, self-driving cars are just some of the elements that are becoming more and more familiar, creating new possibilities and transforming our habits. Smart objects and spaces connect with each other through digital services creating complex ecosystems. The complexity that characterizes this type of scenario requires a multidisciplinary approach that includes the disciplines of design, human sciences, technological and business factors. In this context, the role of the designer is to expand their skills and their point of view by placing, with a systemic approach, the human being at the center of these ecosystems, so that they can become truly innovative, useful and inclusive.

Objectives of the workshop

The workshop aims to introduce students to the state of the art in the new scenarios created by the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and other innovative technological paradigms by providing the skills and tools capable of imagining and designing Smart and interactive ecosystems .
In particular, also thanks to the experiences of Olivetti managers, the topics related to the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, mobility, sustainability will be explored, introducing the main technological challenges and enablers. The students will then hypothesize products and services based on these contexts, paying particular attention to the User Experience aspects.

Lecturer biography

Massimiliano Dibitonto is a manager, Service / UX designer and researcher. Through Design Thinking and new technologies (such as the Internet of Things, AI, Digital Fabrication), it designs products and services that create value by placing the human being at the center. In Olivetti he coordinates the Products and Services Guidelines team, taking care of the Customer Experience aspects of products and services in the portfolio. He was a researcher at the Link Campus University in Rome participating in various national and European projects on the issues of professional training and creative entrepreneurship, holding teaching positions on the Internet of Things, Service and Innovation Design and Interaction Design. He is co-author of a co-design method for the UX design of related products and services.


Historical brand of the Italian industry and Digital Factory for IoT solutions of the TIM Group operates on the domestic and international market as a renewed and evolving reality that places the generation of value for its customers at the center of all its activities. With a wide range of cutting-edge products and services, it combines leadership in the retail and office segments with a consolidated experience in the sectors of the Internet of Things, storage systems and proximity data processing, advanced wired connectivity, wireless and Machine to Machine, with a distinctive positioning of skills in business enabling through digital evolution and innovation with a portfolio of solutions aimed at the business market (B2B, B2B2C, B2C, B2G) using the enabling technology guaranteed by fixed and mobile network of the TIM Group, and in particular by 5G technology.
Olivetti also supports the Internet of Things solutions with the role of the Group’s Digital Payment Service Provider, thanks to its growing presence in the digital payments sector. In retail payments, for example, it already boasts a consolidated position in the ‘merchant’ segment, a sector that has been facing an important digital transformation process for some time.