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Netpitch per Sky

An initiative dedicated to those who have an unreleased project for a TV series.
The Netpitch for Sky offers the opportunity to have a direct confrontation with one of the most important players in the audiovisual industry.

March 21 marks the start of the Netpitch for Sky, the first pitch wanted and organised by WGI – Writers Guild Italia and Sky: a significant opportunity for all student screenwriters at RUFA. The aim is to give new professional opportunities to all screenwriters to propose original ideas and stories. The initiative is “blind”: the identities of the authors of the projects cannot be known until the final selection phase. The proposals will be assessed by Sky, Europe’s leading media entertainment company, which has produced some of the most successful TV series in recent years, and which continues to increase its investment in Sky Original productions of new TV series, films and documentaries.
The Call is exclusively for serial proposals, and each project must be developed in three stages, in the form of a logline, synopsis and concept. Once the authors have passed the selections related to the three steps, they will have access to a dedicated pitch, one to one, in which they will present the series project to Sky.

Save the date: on 14 March at 10.00 am WGI and Sky will announce in a webinar open to all how to participate, and at the same time will be published the rules with all the details of the selection process.
Participation is free and open to the entire category.


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