Fine Arts

Just Ignore It

RUFA and Maja Arte Contemporanea gallery join forces and create a Performance Art program: the first performance was by Painting student Vanshika Agrawal, titled “Just Ignore It.”

In continuity with Daina Maja Titonel’s research on the condition of female artists in the art world, the gallery Maja Arte Contemporanea will present the performance art works of the students of the RUFA Master of Fine Arts. The project was created and promoted by the artist and RUFA lecturer Marta Jovanović.

The program opened with the performance of Vanshika Agrawal “Just ignore it”. Ignorance, lower or higher, voluntary or involuntary? “The art event experienced in here and now through bodily presence of each viewing subject, in a sensory immediacy of spatial extension and temporal duration rather than instantaneously perceived in a visual epiphany.”

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Just Ignore It