Premio di pittura e musica 2022

Francesca Diletta Gobbi Association, with the patronage of the Piedmont Region and the Metropolitan City of Turin, has launched the first prize for painting and music on the theme “The condition of girls in Afghanistan: identity, hopes and denied rights”. The award is intended for students of the Academies of Fine Arts and Music Conservatories who come together, dictated by a common inspiration, in the creation of paintings and musical compositions, in a unique synaesthetic of figures, colors and sounds. The proposed works will be evaluated by a panel of experts chaired by Ugo Nespolo and Giulio Castagnoli.

The competition involves the selection of 5 paintings and 5 musical compositions on the theme: “the condition of girls in Afghanistan: identity, hopes and denied rights”

The Competition is open to entrants – born in 1992 or later – in the 4th and 5th year of the Fine Arts Academies or the Composition Course of the Italian Music Conservatories. Participants in the Prize must submit projects of paintings or musical compositions – in full stylistic and technical freedom – consistent with the above theme. The paintings of the winning projects will be created by the prize-winning participants during a one-week summer stay at the Masseria “Le Specchie” in Ceglie Messapica (BR) with the support of three students from the Liceo Artistico Aldo Passoni of Turin and with the collaboration of the winners of the music section of the competition.


There will be 5 individual prizes for pictorial works projects and 5 individual prizes for musical works. The prizes consist of:
– A free stay of one week including board and lodging at the Masseria Agriturismo Le Specchie in Ceglie Messapica.
– The winning works, once completed, will be exhibited and heard in the former stables used as a temporary exhibition venue by the FDG Association at the above-mentioned Masseria and will be published full-page in the printed catalogue (image of the painting and musical score) of the exhibition, published by the FDG Association.
– The winners will have a dedicated personal page on the award’s institutional website. The personal page will include the image and some information on the work created, a summary of biographical information, the artistic curriculum and any contact details of the author/author.

All the finalists, irrespective of the results of the competition, may have their works published free of charge on the award’s institutional website, on explicit request. The winning works will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be donated to the FDG Association for activities to support the families of children missing due to oncological diseases and to prevent youth social discomfort, as well as to support the Coordinamento Italiano Sostegno Donne Afgane Onlus (C.I.S.D.A.).

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