Miradas Cruzadas

EUROsociAL+, the Programme for Social Cohesion in Latin America, announces the photo competition “Miradas Cruzadas: Images for social cohesion”.

The main objective of the photographic project “Miradas Cruzadas” is to offer a multifaceted and panoramic point of view on real situations experienced in Latin America and Europe. Different perspectives, told through images on the current context: the physical distance and the emotional proximity we are witnessing, the strategies to face and recover from Covid-19, the new social pacts and initiatives, the visibility of the different strategies and rhythms to face this global phenomenon, the feeling of uncertainty, the crisis of interpersonal trust and in institutions, the losses or the presence of what cannot be repaired, undoubtedly define this period.

What unites us and what separates us? What place does care have in restoring social protection and a people-centred economy?
Social distance versus social cohesion, territory, participation, creativity, innovation, resilience, eco-social sustainability. These and many other themes will be addressed within the project, to allow us to look at each other, to share a reflection through images and photographs, trying to recognise each other.


The jury will make a selection of photographs which, based on the criteria of quality, subject matter and coherence with the defined theme, will be used for the preparation of a photographic book, as well as for an exhibition to be held in the exhibition space of Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo in Madrid, which is collaborating with EUROsociAL+ in the management of this project. The authors of the 4 best photographs will also have the opportunity to participate telematically in a EUROsociAL+ programme event to be organised at the end of June 2022, which will also be attended by leading international photographers.

Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo is a private entity and exhibition space dedicated to cultural management, which places special emphasis on social projects, visualising, minimising stigma and improving the quality of life of people and groups in socially disadvantaged situations.

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