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Raccontare per immagini

The cycle of meetings: “Raccontare per immagini. Fotografia e fumetto, due linguaggi a confronto” will take place from 5 April to 11 October 2022.

The new project by Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia in collaboration with RUFA and Contrasto, which intends to deepen the relationship between photography and comics, two of the visual languages ​​that best offer food for thought and interpretation of the present. A relationship that is still little observed and studied, but which has many points of contact. In a world of images – some significant, others negligible – photography and comics demonstrate that they are able to dialogue perfectly within visual culture and that they can always tell new stories, revealing a formidable grip on reality.

The project includes a series of online events dedicated to investigating the relationship between the language of photography and that of comics as a means of expression and communication. Furthermore, together with the Rai Cultura media partnership, a series of video clips on the subject will be offered to the public. The meetings will be broadcast on the social channels of Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia, and subsequently visible on the Rai Cultura channels.

The first appointment is scheduled for Tuesday 5 April at 6.30 pm, with Luca Raffaelli who, together with Alessandra Mauro, will talk about “From frame to frame: a comparison of photography and comics. A parallel story“. Silvia De Felice will also take part, who for Rai Cultura will explore the use of the two languages from the television point of view: if photography and comics have become increasingly specialised, distinguishing themselves from the television medium, at the same time television has the merit of narrating these two languages by giving space to the techniques, the history of the artists and behind the scenes. Silvia De Felice will be responsible for selecting clips from documentaries on the subject to be submitted to the public in the following meetings.

The project will end with a workshop between photography and comics dedicated to the RUFA students.

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