Nicola Russo_Bergamo

Photography and Audiovisual

I can’t see if I have the sun in my eyes

Congratulations to recent RUFA graduate Nicola Russo. His photographic project has been selected by Zone Magazine and will be exhibited in Bergamo, as part of the exhibition “One eye sees, the other feels”.


The project: “I can’t see if I have the sun in my eyes”

(of a part of the body) deprived of the power of physical sensation.

This project talks about the sensation of a pain that dissolves over time, disappearing but leaving the trace of its path. Through a series of photographs which are conceptually connected, this work aims to recreate the perception of a particular emotion.

Nicola Russo

Nicola Russo (Tivoli, 1998) is a graduate photographer from RUFA. In his projects the main subject is the inner search, by developing images that describe a component
of intimacy. He mainly works alone but is also part of the collective “Fare cose”. Since January 2022 he has been assistant to the photographer Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi. Among the exhibitions in which he participated, we find:

GARBATELLA MIND M(U)P, Choral photonistallation by Collettivo Fare cose, Rome, 2020
MOOTUM, L’osservatore alla ricerca di sé, Rome university of fine arts, Rome, 2020
Italian Embassy Residence in Mexico, Mexico City, 2019
Vernissage Rome, Ex Forlanini, Rome, 2019
Elogio all’imperfezione, Fondamenta Gallery (inside art), Rome, 2018

Zone Magazine

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