Tito Film Festival

Rai Cinema Channel Award to the best RUFA short film

One More Pictures srl with the support of Rai Cinema Channel proposes a contest to award the best short film for RUFA students, with the aim of regenerating the world of audiovisual production which, especially after the crisis caused by the current pandemic, has seen the creations of young people among the most penalised. The competition will be an integral part of the Tito Film Festival, an event that rekindles the lights and the myth of Cinecittà in the town that gave birth to one of its greatest ambassadors. Costacciaro, in fact, is the town where Tito Marconi, the historical President of Cinecittà in the immediate post-war period, was born and lived.

RUFA students are asked to submit an audiovisual product, whether fiction or docu-fiction, of a maximum duration of 15 minutes. The short film may deal with any theme, as long as it meets the eligibility requirements of the regulations.

Participation is free of charge and short films must be submitted no later than 29 June 2022. The prize-giving ceremony will take place on the final day of the Tito Film Festival to be held in Costacciaro (PG) on 3 July 2022, and will include the awarding of a prize consisting in the publication and free visibility of the winning short film, for a period of three months, by Rai Cinema Channel.

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