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Gioventù di marmo

“Dal panino si va in piazza”: Amedeo Longo’s porchetta in a docufilm.

The preview of the documentary film “Gioventù di marmo“, Youth of marble, will take place on 5 July at 6.30 pm at the RUFA headquarters in via degli Ausoni 7a. The project, created by Giovanni Benedetto Matteucci (author, director, editor), Francesca Marra (author, director), Nicole Turi (author, assistant director), Roberto Frascella (director of photography), Costanza Peruzzi (set designer), Lucrezia Mariotti (mix audio) and Filippo Filippucci (runner) tells about the days that preceded the removal of the work “Dal panino si va in piazza” from Piazza San Giovanni della Malva, placing the emphasis on the reasons that the installation – known to the general public as “porchetta” – had aroused in the media.

Between 18 and 25 June the travertine porchetta was at the center of profound controversies, culminating in a vandal action by an animal rights association, which led to its removal. The work “Dal panino si va in piazza” was part of an urban regeneration process that intended to make eight different sites attractive: piazza Poli, piazza Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, piazza Cardelli, piazza San Giovanni della Malva, piazza di Pasquino, piazza Borghese, Piazza del Teatro di Pompeo, via della Frezza. RUFA students were asked to develop a “site – specific” project, to be temporarily placed in these places in the historic center of Rome, and then moved to the outskirts, to unusual sites, following a different mode of cultural enjoyment, focusing on dynamism that the new generations of artists know how to generate.

But in that week everything happened. The docufilm, entrusted to the coordination of teachers Christian Angeli and Alessandro Marinelli, in addition to reconstructing the events, traces a clear and defined path in the soul of Amedeo Longo, highlighting strength and fragility. The story begins with the phone call that Amedeo Longo himself receives from Nicolas, an animal rights videomaker who intends to make a documentary. The boy explains that he wants to interview him about the events that animated the scandal on his sculpture depicting a porchetta. Amedeo accepts the invitation and, together with other significant figures, retraces the events of what happened until the final meeting with Nicolas himself.