Fine Arts

Città effimera at the MAAM

The artwork by Anica Huck ” Città effimera: arte, scienza, follia” was moved from Piazza di Teatro di Pomeo to the MAAM Museum.

The artwork, realised by artist and RUFA student Anica Huck as part of the urban regeneration project Piazze Romane has found a new home in the Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove di Metropoliz_città meticcia (MAAM). A place that was created as an ideal continuation of the work carried out in the ethnographic, film and art workshop of Space Metropoliz. Reaching the Moon, the mestizo city is in fact located in an ‘outer space’, that of which the international treaties speak, a public space, where weapons and private property are banned, and where it is possible to experiment with new forms of social coexistence. Artists have been invited to make their contribution, interacting with the space and its inhabitants, initiating a new virtuous relationship between art and the city and between art and life.

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