Simultaneous enrolment in two study courses at AFAM institutions and universities

Starting from A.Y. 2022/2023 RUFA will facilitate the simultaneous enrolment of its students in two different Bachelor’s or Master’s degree courses at the RUFA Academy or other AFAM institutions, universities, schools or special-order colleges. The decree issued by the Ministry of University and Research provides that students may enrol simultaneously:

to two Bachelor’s or Master’s degree courses that differ for at least two-thirds of the educational activities;

to one university degree course and one course of study at AFAM institutions;

an academic diploma course and a postgraduate or master’s degree course, a doctorate course or a specialisation course; or a postgraduate or master’s degree course and a specialisation course.

Decree of the Ministry of Universities and Research No. 933 of 2 August 2022

For any further information and for prior verification of compatibility with the educational objectives of the course of study, please contact the Education Secretariat by e-mail at