museo delle memorie

Fine Arts

“14m” by Anica Huck

14m is the title of a new performance by Visual Arts student Anica Huck, on Saturday 17 September at 6pm as part of the 11th edition of the Festival Corviale Urban Lab, at the Museo delle Memorie at Largo Cesare Reduzzi 5.

This piece investigates human awareness, which allows us to imagine suffering, and can itself be a source of suffering.
The artist – a priori to the opening of the exhibition – will be walled (built) into the museum space using soap bars. Her presence will be emphasised through the visible absence of the performer’s body, in connection to architecture and the melting of time distortion. The artist will not disappear, but shift the state of the reality and the perception of the audience through her existence as a physical statement in space. The act of foundation offerings stem from antiquity and can be found in different
myths and artistic representations across cultures, based on the motif of human sacrifice.

This performance of a foundation offering will become a holistic experience, when the perception of the place and the work lead to reflections on the fragile, if not unrealistic, foundations of human existence. The artist is becoming the space that surrounds the spectator.

The title refers to a modern myth related to the Corviale – an architectural place of (failed) residential utopias of the twentieth century. The famously one kilometre long housing complex measures only 986 metres. 14 metres are on one hand myth, myth construction and myth destruction, on the other an open invitation to the audience to investigate the museum through bodily space, by measuring it with one’s own footsteps, by playing with the perception of the size of the physical dimension of the room. The artist’s implementation of destabilized metric and imperial systems in relation to the bodily experience.

Anica Huck

Erfurt, Germany, 1985. Visual and performance artist based in Rome. Her works operate in a fine arts tradition of utilising scientific methods and visual phenomena conceptually. Her cross-disciplinary approach stems from prior education and professional experience in the geosciences and geopolitics.
Previously, she worked for the European Space Agency and the European Commission. Currently, she is enrolled in a master’s degree programme at RUFA. Among others, she has won the public tender ‘Piazze romane’ issued by the Municipio Roma and developed the site – specific project ‘Ephemeral city: art, science, madness’ in 2021.