AI ORACLE: Lithium

Former RUFA students Gabriele Biasi and Francesco Giorgi were chosen to make AI ORACLE:Lithium, the experimental documentary that is an integral part of the art installation exhibited at the PhEst Festival – See Beyond The Sea.

RUFA Cinema graduates Gabriele Biasi and Francesco Giorgio from the Threeab production company have been chosen by the German Collective no:topia to direct the visual part of AI ORACLE, an art installation created by Piera Riccio and Shirley Ogolla. The work focuses on the extent to which artificial intelligences may one day incisively determine the world of work, immersing and projecting viewers into a dystopian reality where their destiny and professional future is determined by the will of machines, on the basis of obvious discriminations. The installation and documentary will be exhibited for the first time in Italy at the PhEST – See Beyond The Sea Festival in Monopoli, from 9 September to 11 November, a festival that brings together artists from all over the world under the artistic direction of Giovanni Troilo (World Press Photo).

Collective no:topia is a collective of researchers, machine learning engineers and artists, united by the idea of escaping the ivory tower of academia to translate their research work into art installations for a wider audience. The aim of the collective is to raise awareness of the possibilities and problems that can arise from the use of Artificial Intelligence. The collective was founded by Piera Riccio and Shirley Ogolla. In 2021 they began their collaboration with Threeab.

Threeab is a multifaceted team of people who have managed to bring their individual experience in filmmaking to the service of a single driving force aimed at the birth of a collective identity, mixing traditional production methods and avant-garde techniques. From the reappraisal of film to the mastery of new technologies (VR), Threeab achieves significant recognition from the likes of designer Karim Rashid and graphic design guru Stefan Saigmenter in audiovisual contests and by initiating innovative collaborations with the National Gallery of Modern Art (GNAM) and MAXXI in Rome.
Threeab then succeeded in bringing his cinema to the theatres of the 74th Venice International Film Festival, to the audiences of Atlanta’s Filmpalooza, and into the hearts of the spectators of Nanni Moretti’s ‘Bimbi Belli’ festival.