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Lucia Estevez selected by PHocus Magazine

The photographic project of student Lucia Estevez has just been selected by PHocus Magazine through the ‘Confini’ Call, an initiative aimed at involving some of the most deserving students from the main Italian photography and film schools.

Making love to matter

A fantasy project illustrating an erotic ecology in which all boundaries disappear as sexuality explores itself and merges with matter, rekindling eros.

“You feel me, my fingertips, tracing your surface. And my fingers feel you.
But I can only feel you because I am also feeling myself: the touch of my skin signals to me
the touch of your skin. You have to touch me so that I can touch you. And you feel, only
because you are also feeling you at the point where I am exploring your border with my fingertips.
Both touches are inseparable and can only happen simultaneously”.

(from ‘Matter and Desire’: An Erotic Ecology by Andreas Webe)

Lucia Estevez Valdez
Born in 1997 in the Dominican Republic, she studied Fine Arts at the School of Arts and Design in Chavon (La Romana, DR).
She is currently attending the third year of Photography at RUFA. He uses photography as a research tool to explore what it means to be human and his relationship with nature. She explores the themes of duality, sexuality and spirituality. Using light, colour and texture, she follows an intuitive journey to understand the self and its surroundings.

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