The farewell of teacher Anna Janowska Centroni

Twenty years together and so many stories lived, but above all so many dreams of students who became artists and professionals, which were realised starting from books, workshops and the relationship with teachers. A moment of emotion, but above all the certainty of having completed a unique and exciting journey.

Architect Anna Janowska Centroni, RUFA’s long-standing professor, has completed her educational mission and after so many years dedicated to in-depth study and knowledge, the wish is that she will continue to dedicate herself to the many beautiful things that fascinate her. Throughout this long period of time, Anna Janowska Centroni has been a constant and present point of reference. A feeling that today, as she bids farewell to teaching, is renewed through the words she wished to leave to the entire Academy.

‘Dear Alfio and Fabio Mongelli, Colleagues, Friends and Students, after twenty years,’ writes the teacher in a heartfelt and emotional open letter, ‘the time has come to thank you for our wonderful collaboration. When a few years ago President Alfio Mongelli proposed me to collaborate with the Academy, I accepted with enthusiasm, knowing that I could continue my teaching experience acquired during my years of teaching at the History of Architecture chair in Warsaw, also giving RUFA my small contribution. I found a modern school in continuous growth, colleagues and students who welcomed me with affection and esteem, which I reciprocated with joy and enthusiasm. With many of you, relationships of deep friendship and collaboration have been created that I hope will last as long as possible. It is difficult to find the right words to thank you all, we have worked together with enthusiasm and passion, I have received affection, respect and gratitude for which I am infinitely grateful. I wish you all a road full of success, because I am convinced that culture and art can change the world, and I embrace you all one by one’.

To Professor Anna Janowska Centroni, best wishes for a good life from all RUFA members.

docente anna