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Davide Dormino for NoisyLeaks!

Artist and lecturer Davide Dormino is among the international artists who will show their work in the Berlin exhibition NoisyLeaks! – The Art of Exposing Secrets

The international project NoisyLeaks! combines an exhibition with artists from all over the world – including Ai Wei Wei, Sarah Lucas, Daniel Lismore – with a series of events that will take place at Projektraum 145 in Berlin during October 2022.
The project aims to be a hub for discussion, exchange, debate, research and co-creation of events, and aims to showcase a wide range of formats by artists and activists. A space and a time to share knowledge, practical skills and encourage freedom of information through the engagement of artistic and activist practices.

NoisyLeaks! aims to collectively expose and celebrate the historical and cultural heritage of WikiLeaks and its influence on global practices. The project will critically reflect on the aesthetics of the collective appropriation of ‘leaks’: massive caches of documents exposing lies, war crimes and corruption and their role in countering disinformation and bringing peace through the civilian application of transparency. NoisyLeaks! reflects on the online political action of publishing secret and undisclosed documents, the new ways of publication, the courageous acts of independent journalists challenging power and the imperative protection of their sources.

Davide Dormino is among the protagonists of the initiative with the exhibition of the works ‘Deep state'(2022) and ‘The WikiLeaks Files'(2022).

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