Fine Arts

Venice Biennale Extra RUFA

RUFA students were featured in a workshop as part of the Venice Biennale, exploring the most important contemporary art event in the world.

From October 17 to 22, RUFA students were protagonists of the project Biennale Session – Venice Biennale Extra RUFA, which took place entirely in Venice during the Biennale. An interdisciplinary course curated by lecturers Emiliano Coletta, Marta Jovanovic, Fabrizio Pizzuto and Davide Dormino.
For three consecutive days, participants had the opportunity to take part in guided tours of the exhibition venues, inside the Pavilions, in the Gardens and in the Arsenal, and to join a series of collateral events that took place in the fabric of the city and in the downtown districts.
The central idea of the workshop was to develop four parallel didactic paths, during which work in perfomative, environmental and relational arts, along with situationalist paths and drifts, was developed.
The workshop concluded with a collective discussion where the work done by all students was presented and reviewed. In particular, the videos of the four performances that the Visual Arts students – Vanshika Agrawal, Claudia Evangelista, Anica Huck e Marina Collard – performed in four different points of the city, deepening the concept of “site- and situation-specific” applied to the territory, and initiating a debate on the types and ways of thinking art today.

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